Hemp Power





The power and potential of the Hemp plant inspires us to such a state of awe that we cannot help but devote our lives to increasing it's reach and influence. Our inspiration is renewed every day as we witness how much Hemp Extracts can help people and animals to live better lives. Practically, we translate this inspiration into intelligent hemp processes that yield some of the highest quality Hemp Extracts available. Our "Intelligent Process Efficiency" is what allows us to offer our products at Industry Leading Prices. 

We extract from only Organically-Grown Industrial Hemp, and we have close relationships with the farms we source from, including a farm of our own. Not only do we lab-test all batches, we visit the farms where material was grown to ensure that "Best Practices" are in use. 


Winterized Full Spectrum Extracts

  • Sub-Zero Extraction Temperatures "tune in" extraction capacity to only pull desirable components from the plant material
  • High Purity makes blending easy - 60-65% CBD
  • Rich Spectrum of Accessory Cannabinoids and Terpenes
  • Delivered Raw for CBDa and higher terpene content, or Decarboxylated


  • Higher Purity - 80%+ CBD
  • Viscous transparent liquid with very little flavor
  • Fully Decarboxylated

Hemp Crumble 

  • Beautiful amber crumbled Pure Extract
  • Made with Hemp Distillate - Wonderful Flavor!
  • 75-80% CBD, 0.2-0.25% THC

CBD Isolate

  • Highest Purity -  % CBD
  • Fluffy Stark White Crystalline Powder with no scent and very little flavor
  • Our Isolate has an exceptionally small crystal size, meaning it blends more easily into any product

 Zero THC Full Spectrum Extract

  • "Never-Chem" THC removal processes use only ethanol and water, Never any harsh Chemicals!
  • High clarity amber oil ~80% CBD, blends well into a multitude of products.
  • Get the symphonic effect of the full spectrum, without any THC.