Hemp Extraction + Processing Services


In this day and age it can be difficult to find business partners with real integrity. We work hard every day to produce some of the Finest Hemp Extracts available, but most of all we pride ourselves on integrity and communication. This means that you can trust, and rely on us to consistently deliver top quality results on time. And if there are any bumps in the road, we will always communicate with you and work our hardest for your satisfaction. 

*Please note that due to high demand for our Extracts, we have limited capacity for toll processing. Also, we do NOT offer toll processing for Isolate. 

Our range of Services includes:

  • Full Spectrum Extraction
    • Low Temp Ethanol Distillation Preserves Terpene Content
    • Sub-Zero Extraction Temperatures leave behind plant waxes and chlorophyll, winterization is rarely necessary.
  • Winterization 
    • For your wax-heavy extracts, we can perform high throughput winterization in our nearly 100 square foot deep freezer. 
  • Distillation  
    • For higher purity we can perform fractional distillation of the cannabinoids.
    • Distillates can be used as-is, or as a pre-cursor to CBD isolation
  • Formulation, Blending, and Manufacturing
    • If you need a helping hand with your Hemp Extract products, put our experience to work for you!